ARPO Assistant Regional Planning Officer
ASP Afro Shirazi Party
ASPYL Afro Shirazi Party Youth League
DS Development Studies
DSM Dar es Salaam
DUSO Dar es Salaam University Student Organization
ESR Education for Self-Reliance
FFU Field Force Unit
GUWTZ Growing Up With Tanzania
HSPH Harvard School of Public Health
LSE London School of Economics
MUCHS Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences
MUHAS Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NIT National Institute of Transport
NITSO NIT Student Organization
NTC National Transport Corporation
PMO Prime Minister’s Office


RDD Regional Development Director
RPO Regional Planning Officer
TA Tutorial Assistant
TANU Tanganyika African National Union
TSh Tanzania Shillings
TYL TANU Youth League
UCLA University of California, Los Angeles
UDSM University of Dar es Salaam
USARF University Students’ African Revolutionary Front
VC Vice Chancellor


The Travails of a Tanzanian Teacher Copyright © 2018 by Karim Hirji. All Rights Reserved.

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