THIS APPENDIX PROVIDES a chronological summary of the pro-democracy uprising, commonly called the Akivaga Crisis, that began at the UDSM in July 1971.

Date Event
July 1970 Pius Msekwa becomes the first VC of UDSM.
October 1970 Symonds Akivaga elected President of DUSO.
November 1970 USARF and Cheche banned.
7 July 1971 First UDSM graduation ceremony. Speech of the VC disliked by students. DUSO cabinet drafts open letter to VC.
8 July 1971 Open letter, signed by Akivaga, delivered. Akivaga summoned by the Disciplinary Committee.
9 July 1971 Akivaga rusticated, arrested by the FFU and deported to Kenya. Students boycott classes. Academic staff meet.
10 July 1971 General academic staff meeting, attended by the VC. Daily student barazas commence.
12 July 1971 University Council meets. Calls upon students to end class boycott.
13 July 1971 VC, Chairman of Council, Minister of Education and two student representatives visit Mwalimu Nyerere. Class boycott ends.
14 July 1971 The student representatives report to the Student Baraza.
25 July 1971 Mungai committee appointed to probe the university crisis. DUSO rejects its composition.
26 July 1971 DUSO submits appeal against Akivaga’s rustication.


Date Event
3 August 1971 Mungai Committee begins work.
3 August 1971 DUSO withdraws from Mungai Committee.
15 August 1971 Akivaga allowed to return to DSM for his appeal.
19 August 1971 Appeals Committee expels Akivaga from UDSM.
23 August 1971 DUSO cabinet resigns. Student representatives withdraw from all university bodies.
8 September 1971 University TANU branch passes a resolution calling for the return of Akivaga.
27 November 1971 Mungai Report released.
28 November 1971 University TYL branch rejects Mungai Report.
July 1972 Akivaga allowed to return to UDSM for his final year of studies.
August 1972 Akivaga-led student government overthrown by pro-establishment students.


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