Appendix A: Newsletters,Training, Recommendations, Conferences

In this section, you will find information about podcasting newsletters, (which are a rich resource to discover new podcasts), and you’ll find lists of podcast publications, conferences, recommendations for podcasts about podcasts, online training guides, and Facebook groups for podcasters.

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  • Podnews by James Cridland is the most significant newsletter covering the podcast business with timely, daily news about podcast research, shows, and business, including jobs in podcasting. There is also a podcast version.
  • Podnews Business Journal is a weekly with in-depth interviews, industry data, and an overview of the week’s news for the business of podcasting.
  • Sound Judgment, the newsletter is a twice-monthly publication about creative choices in audio storytelling. They also offer a podcast verison.
  • Hot Pod by Nicholas Quah is a treasure-trove of podcast-related topics with both free and paid versions (on hiatus in April 2024)
  • Radio Ink Headlines has daily headlines and news about podcasting and the radio world.
  • Podcasting, Seriously from LWC Studios offers workshops, pitches, covers creators, and highlights works erasing the margins.
  • Earbuds Podcast Collective – Free newsletter with weekly podcast recommendations on a theme curated by a different person each week, also has tips, interviews and with an accompanying podcast Feedback with EarBuds.
  • Find That Pod is a weekly newsletter with five new podcasts.
  • Podglomerate has a biweekly newsletter for tips on podcast production, audience growth and monetization.
  • Podcast The Newsletter by Lauren Passell has recommendations and interviews with podcasters.
  • Podcast Bestie is a newsletter about podcasting and with job tips.
  • PodMov Daily is a newsletter and website from the organization that hosts the largest podcast conference in the U.S.
  • is a weekly newsletter from Lantigua Williams & Co., which also offers resources and low-cost webinars for creators.
  • Sounds Profitable The Download is a newsletter and podcast covering changes to the business of podcasting, and jobs.
  • Grants for Creators is a newsletter with funding opportunities for authors, writers, podcasters, journalists and artists.
  • The Audio Insurgent by veteran podcaster and strategist Eric Nuzum comes out every two to three weeks.
  • Inside Podcasting by Skye Pillsbury offers news about the industry and interviews with podcasters via a weekly email.
  • AIR has a newsletter with grants, gigs and jobs and with a paid membership ($100 for professionals, $45 for students), has resources for independent audio careers.
  • JustPod, English-language podcast newsletter from Yang Yi who’s based in Shanghai.
  • Audio Dramatic is a newsletter about the writing of audio dramas.

Podcast Publications

Podcasts about Podcasting

  • Podnews Daily is the audio version of the daily newsletter about podcasting and audio on demand.
  • Sounds Profitable is the audio version of the newsletter with narrated articles, interviews, and research.
  • Podcast Perspectives launched Aug. 9, 2023 from Podglomerate founder Jeff Umbro covers the future of podcasting, its role in the media, and talks with notable industry figures.
  • Podcast 360 launched Aug. 8, 2023 from The Podcast Academy, (host of the Ambies Awards) features podcast company founders interviewing each other in a game-type atmosphere but with the goal of helping people understand how the industry works.
  • Feedback with EarBuds is the audio version of Earbuds Podcast Collective a free weekly newsletter with podcast recommendations on a theme curated by a different person each week.
  • Gimlet Academy offers a five-episode series that teaches the craft of audio storytelling by Alex Blumber and Spotify for Podcasters.
  • How to Start A Podcast from Mark Asquith, co-founder of Captivate + Rachel Smith, Content Executive at Captivate cover how to design and build your podcast.
  • New Podcast Trailers features trailers for new and noteworthy shows as featured in the Podnews daily newletter.
  • Podcast Besties is an audio version of the newsletter.
  • Podcasting Q & A from Buzzsprout offers tips and tricks for building a podcast, done in 3 to 10 minutes or less.
  • Podcraft: Honing the Art of Podcasting has a podcast, buying guides, tech advice and articles.
  • Podcasting 2.0 is a weekly news and technology podcast with Adam Curry and Dave Jones.
  • Podmotion: The Art of Podcast Production & Promotion has tips about podcast production, marketing, and promotion.
  • Podlovers Asia covers podcasting news from Asia, such as the podcast scene in the Philippines.
  • Podtastic Audio is for anyone launching a podcast for the first time, covering basic techniques on sound quality.
  • School of Podcasting by Dave Jackson covers planning, production and tools.
  • Servant of Pod with Nick Quah, covered the growing podcast business and the people who shape it through March 2021.
  • Sound Judgment is a podcast goes behind-the-scenes with great podcast hosts to discuss how they make their magic.
  • Sounds Profitable is about the podcast adtech industry.
  • Sound School Podcast (Rob Rosenthial/PRX/ Podcast about the back story to audio storytelling.
  • TechCrunch Daily is a podcast covering the biggest tech headlines of the day in less than 5 minutes.
  • The Audacity to Podcast by Daniel J. Lewis offers podcast training resources.
  • The Feed is one of the oldest podcast covering the industry with tips, advice and reviews with Rob Walch and Elsie Escobar of Libsyn
  • The Masterclass Podcast offers lessons in audio storytelling from audio journalists.
  • The Podcast Review Show with Dave Jackson & Eric K. Johnson offers critiques of podcasts for a fee.
  • The Power of Podcasting, TED talk (video) by Beau York.
  • Women in Podcasting Show is about empowering women with tips, tools, and strategies for growing their podcast.

Podcast Conferences

Below is a list from Podchaser:

Online Training Guides

  • AIR (Association of Independents in Radio) is a global community of independent audio producers. The organization offers valuable advice, jobs and training, freelancer tools, and talent.
  • The Daily Goody has a daily tip to make better podcasts.
  • NPR training provides an online collection of storytelling tips and best practices for audio, digital, social and video training for public media journalists but is open to anyone. It has posted a number of training videos on Vimeo.
  • provides training for journalists with online courses, training guides and in-person seminars. Much of the material is provided free while some may be accessed at a low cost. Tech & Tools is a column to share digital tools for journalists written by Digital Tools Reporter Ren LaForme of
  • Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) resources with tools, guides, resources, journalism podcasts.
  • is an online resource created by public media to share information on tools (recorders, mics, software); techniques (interviewing, fact-checking); and HowSound (podcasts about radio storytelling) from Rob Rosenthal.
  • Buzzsprout has articles and information to help build your podcast.
  • Google Podcasts Creator Program/PRX to support early stage podcasters around the world.
  • The We Edit Podcasts Blog covers podcasting and fee-based packaged services.
  • Broadcast Voice Handbook by Dr. Ann Utterback is a rich resource of information on script marking and polishing on-air delivery.

Facebook Groups about Podcasting


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