In general, how to create or adapt OER that are inclusive of trans and gender diverse people depends on the specifics of your content. The resources below may help with some practical aspects of that work.


  • Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know: An open book containing practical guidance on how to make changes to existing OER.
  • Authoring Open Textbooks: Another practical guide, this one about creating an open textbook from scratch.
  • Gender Spectrum Collection: A stock photo collection specifically intended to represent gender diversity. These images can be used in new OER or incorporated into existing ones as long as you follow the license terms (CC BY-NC-ND). In addition, read the collection guidelines┬áto ensure that you are using the materials respectfully.
  • and Pronoun Island: These resources provide information that will help you correctly include a variety of pronouns in your materials. The first has general information about personal pronouns; the second has examples of a wide variety of them in sentences.
  • Gender (APA guide): Part of the APA style guidelines on bias-free language. Examples and explanations on language around gender to use and avoid in different situations.
  • Wikimedia Commons: A good place to find public domain or CC-licensed images of pride flags that can be added to your OER. Most genders have at least one associated flag, so you can search for specific ones like “agender flag” or “nonbinary flag.” There is often no context for these images, so it is a good idea to check elsewhere if you aren’t sure if a given flag is generally recognized.


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