This activity is meant to help students walk through situations they might encounter with different stakeholders in a university library setting. This aligns with the following learning objective(s):

Describe the importance of trans and gender diverse inclusion in OER.

Evaluate existing OER for its trans and gender diverse inclusivity.

Identify steps to take to increase trans and gender diverse inclusion in OER.

Step 1: In small groups or individually, read through the following scenarios and consider how you would respond as a resource librarian.

  1. A student comes to the library for help with a class project using open pedagogy. They need help finding materials for the assignment and aren’t sure how Creative Commons licenses work.
    1. What resources might you direct the student to investigate?
  2. A tenured faculty member is interested in incorporating OER into their course on gender in STEM. They plan to solely focus on the experiences of (cis) women in STEM.
    1. What could you say to the faculty member to encourage them to broaden their scope from only cis women?
    2. What places would you suggest the faculty member check out to find OER for their course?
  3. An instructional designer is interested in building an LMS shell full of resources to encourage faculty to adopt OER. They want input from librarians about what to include in the shell.
    1. What resources might you provide?

Step 2: Discuss responses and ideas as a class.


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