These resources will provide you with basic information about gender identity. Be aware that these are extremely introductory materials; there is a great deal more depth and complexity of information about gender than is represented here.

Note that while the materials in this section are all free to access online, they are not openly licensed and thus are not OER. If you want to incorporate the contents into OER of your own, you can quote and cite or link out to them as you would any materials protected by copyright, but you cannot do the sort of remixing and adapting permitted by some Creative Commons licenses.


  • About Transgender People: Resources from the National Center for Transgender Equality including sections on basic information, FAQs, nonbinary people, allyship, and more.
  • Transgender FAQ: Basic questions and answers on gender identity from GLAAD.
  • Transgender Identities: Information from Planned Parenthood with a focus on transition and health care.
  • Supporting Trans and GNC Students: Resources from GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network) for how to support transgender and gender nonconforming students, including activities and materials created by trans students.
  • The Trans Language Primer: An extensive guide to terms and acronyms related to trans and gender diverse people.


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