The following images are references for x-rays of the abdomen:


Abdomen Plain x-ray, Labelled




The following are CT Abdomen images, unlabelled and labelled.  This is a sample of the available images.  Please see the ODIN link for the full image set.

ODIN Link for CT images of the Abdomen, unlabelled and labelled- https://mistr.usask.ca/odin/?caseID=20171002123606662

The following images are of Ultrasound images of the abdomen. Please see the ODIN link for the full image set.


Abdomen US – Liver and Abdominal Midline










ODIN Link for Normal Abdomen U/S, unlabelled and with labels – https://mistr.usask.ca/odin/?caseID=20170825121827828

ODIN Link for Normal Abdomen U/S – https://mistr.usask.ca/odin/?caseID=20141112102809335

The following are normal pediatric abdominal x-rays:

Pediatric Abdomen 1


Pediatric Labelled Abdomen 2

Pediatric Abdomen 2

Pediatric Labelled Abdomen 2

ODIN Link for Pediatric Abdomen Images – https://mistr.usask.ca/odin/?caseID=20170825130032521


The following is a normal Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) of the abdomen vasculature:



DSA of Abdomen

DSA Labelled Abdomen



All figures in “Chapter 17: Abdomen” by Dr. Brent Burbridge MD, FRCPC, University Medical Imaging Consultants, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan is used under a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

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