The AGE Project

AGE is a digital, open license Greek textbook. Our goal is to create a multi-contributor text that offers a simplified and evolving approach to first-year Greek.

At this stage, AGE is being written and published using Pressbooks ( This platform allows not only for multiple authors, but also the incorporation of images and other media into the textbook. The Pressbooks platform also has other tools that we hope to develop and make available in the near future. 

  • Cloning. AGE can be cloned and edited to produce different editions for different campuses. This allows for a fluid and adaptable text for students and faculty alike. 
  • Exporting Options. AGE can be exported in a format that best suits a particular instructor or department: a print-on-demand book or pdf, eBook, or website. AGE currently exports well as an eBook; there are formatting issues with the printable versions, however, which we hope to resolve in the near future. 

On a related note, we realize that some instructors may prefer to have AGE as a printed, rather than a digital, book. We are working with a publisher to produce a print edition of AGE in the coming years.

Recent Updates

Aug. 2018


  1. Reading passages are no longer in their own chapters. They are now added to the end of the appropriate content chapters. 
  2. Lessons on the third-declension nouns ending in -ρ, -εσ, -ι, and -υ are now introduced later in the course.
  3. Two new chapters have been added: Greek Word Order and Hypothetically Speaking
  4. Vocative and Imperative have been split up into their own chapters.
  5. Images for each chapter have been resized, and the Inscription Bibliography updated.


  1. Readings for Subjunctive, Optative, and Hypothetically Speaking.
  2. More readings in general (including passages from Rouse’s Greek Boy at Home).
  3. PDF’s of reading passages edited to include appropriate chapter numbers in the heading.
  4. Acknowledgement section edits.
  5. Vocabulary (or link to DCC 500) and paradigms in Back Matter.


Future Thoughts

  1. Chapter on the history of the Greek alphabet/language/dialects.
  2. Split Ch. 27: Contract Verbs: Part I into two chapters (έω and άω/όω)?
  3. Downloadable paradigms for each chapter
  4. Introduce the 2-1-2 adjectives earlier in the book
  5. Other ideas?


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