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Nearpod is a web-based tool used to promote active learning and student engagement in the classroom.  It is a web-based, interactive version of Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. PowerPoint presentations or Google Slides easily upload into Nearpod, and the presentations interjected with many interactive activities.  Nearpod presentations can be teacher-led in the classroom or assigned as student-led homework.

Justification for Using this Tool

Active learning in the classroom is when students engage in the material through collaboration with one another and participation (Stanford University, n.d.).  As compared to traditional learning, students are expected to retain information that is presented through teacher-led lectures; active learning allows the student to take on responsibility for their learning and their performance in the course (Stanford University, n.d.).  Nearpod promotes active learning and student engagement in the classroom by creating interactive slide presentations. Features of Nearpod that increase interactivity among students include inserting content such as 3D Viewer, videos and live Twitter feeds or activities such as polls, quizzes and matching.

Nearpod also facilitates collaboration in the classroom among students.  Collaboration among students develops critical thinking skills as it fosters discussion, sharing of ideas and evaluation of others’ ideas (Gokhale, 1995).  Nearpod offers several activities that allow for student interaction with one another. The open-ended questions activity feature can foster in-class discussion while students share different viewpoints and answers.  The collaborate feature is a digital billboard-style where students can pin their responses to the board while they brainstorm and work together to form ideas.

Strategies for Use

Strategy 1 – Adding Engaging Elements

Watch overview videoHow to Add Engaging Elements to Your Nearpod Presentation (3:40)

This video outlines how to add fun and engaging activities and content to your Nearpod presentations to promote active learning in the classroom.

Strategy 2 – Collaboration

Watch overview videoHow to Use Collaboration in Nearpod (2:39)

This video outlines how to create a collaboration activity within your Nearpod presentation.

Helpful Resources

Resource 1 – Top 10 Reasons to use Nearpod in the Classroom

This is a helpful blogpost to get you started on ideas for using Nearpod in your classroom.

Resource 2 – Making Room for Interactivity

The authors of this paper introduce Nearpod into a second-year undergraduate program of bioscience students in order to gain feedback on the student engagement and interactivity.


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Submitted by: Andrea Dyack
Bio: Faculty at Southern Ontario Dental College and current graduate student in the Master of Education program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.


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