​Welcome to the eLearning Essentials 2020 eBook! Our focus is to provide evidence-based guidance, useful design tools, and useful examples to guide the creation and design of eLearning Modules.

This digital resource has been authored by participants in EDUC5104G: Analysis and Design of Web-Based Learning Tools — a graduate-level course offered through Ontario Tech University. From the course description:

This course allows students to investigate, analyze and design web-based learning tools. Key areas addressed include establishing an operational definition and categorization of web-based learning tools (WBLTs), exploring learning theories and instructional design principles that support the design of WBLTs, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using WBLTs, analyzing and assessing qualities of effective WBLTs, and exploring strategies for using WBLTs. After developing a strong foundation of theory and design, students will create their own WBLTs.

Our focus in this eBook is on providing a lasting resource for other educators and instructional designers and developers. The eBook has three main parts:

  1. Learning Theories
  2. Instructional Design Principles
  3. Tool Reviews

Part 1: Learning Theories focuses on background information, guiding principles for use, and examples of good use in the design and development of web-based Learning Tools. Part 2 focuses on key Instructional Design Principles and, similarly, offers guidelines for use and examples of good use. In Part 3, course participants provide reviews of digital tools that can be used in the creation of your own web-based learning tools.

Each course participant has contributed two chapters to this eBook — one focusing on either a Learning Theory or an Instructional Design Principle, and one tool review.

We hope you find this resource useful to help with your design and development of your own web-based learning tools!

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