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Socrative is a simple web-based, mobile friendly, assessment tool that allows teachers to create quiz-type content and engage students through quick formative assessment questions or team competitions. Students who may be unlikely to raise their hands in class have an opportunity to respond digitally and anonymously. Teachers have options in what students can see such as percentages on the screen instead of individual responses.

Justification for Using this Tool

Socrative can provide a teacher instant feedback and engagement from students. From the constructivist theory of learning, students engage actively in the learning process and build understanding based on their prior knowledge. Reliable just-in-time assessments are the foundation of informed teaching and learning (Irving 2020). The multimedia principle is used well in the design of this platform. On-the-fly online assessments can provide the teacher with important info such as what percentage of students understood the previous lesson outcome. In a recent study, (Lim 2017), the majority of students using Socrative were in agreement that their focus in the class improved which greatly enhanced the learning experience.

Strategies for Use

Strategy 1 – Teacher Use Case #1

Watch overview videoSocrative – Teacher Use Case #1 (1:23)

Have you ever had students that don’t want to put their hand up in class? Here is a fun and engaging way of getting them active through team based competition.

Strategy 2 – Teacher User Case #2

Watch overview videoSocrative – Teacher Use Case #2 (1:29)

Have you ever finished teaching a topic and your students look like they are lost? Try doing a socrative exit ticket (survey) and find out in real time what percentage of students understood the lesson.

Helpful Resources

Resource 1 – How to Get Started With Socrative

From the Socrative website a collection of 25 help articles to learn how to get started with your account and help students login.

Resource 2 – What Activities Can You Launch

From the Socrative website a collection of 11 help articles about the types of activities you can launch in Socrative.

Resource 3 – Socrative for Teachers: A Brief Introduction

From YouTube, Aimee Shattock takes you through a basic overview of Socrative and how to use it for formative assessment with students.


Irving, K. E. (2020). Technology-assisted formative assessment. In Learning and  Performance Assessment: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (pp. 435-453). IGI Global.

Lim, W. N. (2017, April). Improving student engagement in higher education through mobile-based interactive teaching model using socrative. In 2017 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) (pp. 404-412). IEEE.


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Bio: Dr. Jory Basso is an Associate Professor of Biology and has been educating students in health sciences since 2013.


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