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Watch overview videoPadlet Design Tool (3:30)


Padlet is a free collaborative application that allows multiple users to create visual stories, bulletin boards or documents at the same time. You can add pictures, videos, links and more. It is available as a wed based tool as well as available for Android and iOS. It’s a tool that can be used by beginners as well allowing non designers to produce professional quality content/graphics.

Justification for Using this Tool

Padlet is known for its online collaborative learning capabilities in real time allowing learners to engage in a shared task. Padlet is often used as a presentation tool as well as a mind-mapping tool assisting learners in brainstorming their ideas on a specific topic on an organized bulletin board.

Padlet exemplifies aspects of both the social and collaborative learning theories. Social and collaborative learning theories suggest that learners acquire more knowledge when they are learning from and with others thus allowing them to engage and capitalize from others’ skills, resources and knowledge. (Al-Rahmi, Othman, Yusof, & Musa 2015). Through Padlet, students can collaborate, brainstorm, and learn from each other through an interactive and engaging platform.

Strategies for Use

Strategy 1 – Consolidating in STEM

Watch overview videoPadlet for Consolidating an STEM Activity  (1:11)

This video demonstrates how Padlet can be used to show a consolidation of learning on a specific topic or unit. Using Padlet encourages and fosters creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills in the classroom. Students can work on the same Padlet, adding links, pictures or ask questions about how their peers achieved specific results relating to an activity, project or assignment.

Strategy 2 – Ways to Use Padlet

Watch overview videoWays To Use Padlet (1:57)

Padlet can be used as a way for students to collaboratively or individually organize their brainstorming ideas. This application is appropriate for a large range of learners, children as well as adults. This video is a compilation of just a few ways that Padlet can be used in and out of the classroom.

Helpful Resources

Resource 1 – (Video Tutorial) Padlet YouTube Tutorial

This YouTube page was created by Dear Dises.  It is a detailed step-by-step video describing various uses for Padlet and how it can be used in the classroom.

Resource 2 – (Blog) 5 Ideas For Using Padlet

This site is an informational page written by Dyan Branstetter discussing 5 ways to use Padlet in the classroom and how to integrate Padlet into your STEAM lessons.

Resource 3 – (Journal) Using Padlet for Whole-Class Engagement

This is a journal written by Beth Fuchs that speaks to how the use of Padlet supports differentiated instruction within the classroom and also includes some risks and benefits to using online collaborative real-time applications in the classroom.

Resource 4 – (Article) Padlet for Agriculture Teachers 

This is an article written by Meghan Wood that describes ways that Padlet can be used in the classroom and speaks to how Padlet is used by agricultures teachers to creatively manage various aspects of their classroom and program.


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Submitted By: Alana Craigg
Bio: Primary/Junior Educator with a focus in Music, Physical Education STEAM and Global Competencies


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