I Create It All

The concept known as “I Create It All” is a self-empowerment process where you recognize how each choice you make determines an outcome. “I Create It All” allows you to visualize how you are in control of your life. You are not a puppet on a string. No one controls you. You are free to run your own life and make your own choices. These choices lead you to your eventual outcomes. For example, if you get a test back and the grade is a 95, using “I Create It All” you can see how you created the 95. Think back to choices you made in the time before the test. You made the choice to come to class regularly. You made the choice to pay attention and take good notes. You made the choice to study regularly to prepare for the test. You didn’t have to do those things; you chose to do them, and the 95 is the outcome based on your choices.

The same could be said of a poor grade.  Unhelpful choices result in poor grades, just as helpful choices result in good grades. Teachers don’t give grades, you earn them.  The “I Create It All” method allows you to identify and repeat positive choices for more desirable outcomes. By the same token, “I Create It All” can also help you identify the behavior choices that lead to negative outcomes, so that you can avoid them in the future.  “I Create It All’ can help you avoid painting yourself as a victim, powerless to control your life. It lets you see how independent and in control you are of your life, leading you to endless possibilities. “I Create It All” also helps you take responsibility for your actions. Your outcomes are really yours, created by your free choice. Just as no one can take credit for a painting created by an artist except the artist, only you can claim the credit of your achievements. You are in control![1]

Thinks do not just happen. Things are made to happen.”  President John F. Kennedy


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  1. Adapted from Ellis, Dave, 2006, Becoming a Master Student, Cengage Learning


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