One of the benefits of student life at university is the availability of on-campus resources to support you academically, and with your overall personal growth and career development. These include:

  • Choosing a program of study, major, or deciding if you should change your current program.
  • Choosing a career path and finding work opportunities.
  • Accessing scholarships and  financial aid.
  • Learning to use the library to conduct research.
  • Understanding the expectations of your current courses and getting support with challenging concepts.
  • Developing your learning and study success skills.
  • Managing your physical and mental health.

Center for Student Success

The University of the Virgin Islands provides a comprehensive program of support focused on your success through the Center for Student Success (CSS). From your very first day, CSS staff work to assist you with all your University endeavors. It encompasses a program of tutorial assistance for your courses, academic advising for new students, performance alerts from instructors to provide added attention when needed, referral services to on and off campus resources, computer labs and learning centers, opportunities for participation in guided learning communities by major, and one on one success counseling with a CSS staff member. This course, Freshman Development Seminar, is also housed under the CSS program. All new students are assigned a CSS advisor as they begin their studies at UVI. Your CSS advisor is dedicated to providing you with personalized support to help guide you toward success. Offices and services for CSS are located on each campus. Both appointments and walk-ins are welcome to access CSS services. Click here for information about CSS.

Support Services

Within the University, services are available to support you.  The costs of these services are supported by your tuition, so it is wise to take advantage of all of the available resources. You will find support from dedicated professionals who focus on supporting students like you.  Often, you will also find peer support networks, where other students who have shared your experience can support you in your learning journey.

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Available services include:

  • Academic Advising provides you with information about how to choose courses.
  • Access & Enrollment Services provides registrar, admissions and other related services
  • Accessibility Services provide advising and accommodations for students.
  • Career Services can help you develop a resume and find work opportunities to support your career development.
  • Counseling provides both personal and career counseling to students.
  • Financial Aid provides information and help with paying for school through scholarships and other financial assistance.
  • IT (Information Technology) can help with student email and accessing software for courses.
  • Learning Centers provide peer tutoring, academic skills workshops, and learning strategist consultations to support you as you develop learning skills.
  • Library provides research support, training in citation styles, group study rooms, and access to a wide range of books and databases.
  • Sport & Recreation helps you to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Student Affairs organizes student clubs, activities, and additional student services.
  • Student Employment provides job opportunities and paid workplace learning.


Try It!

Take some time this week to get to know your university resources. Visit a student service either in-person, or online.  Find out how this service can help you with a current concern.  If now is the right time, make an appointment.

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