As you become aware of your learning strengths, you will be able to select effective learning strategies.  Consider the following questions: Who are you now as a learner? What skills and strengths do you already bring to the study process? As you move to the next phase in your university studies, you already bring a foundation of habits and practices with you.  Some may be supporting your success, others may be hindering you from achieving your goals.

In the next learning activity, you will review a chart of helpful study strategies that contribute to success.  Put a checkmark beside the strategies you are currently using.  How do these practices contribute to your success?  You may also observe that you are not yet using a range of effective learning strategies.  Don’t worry!  As you continue to move through this book, you will be exposed to a number of strategies that can contribute to your success.

Try it!

Download a printable worksheet for this exercise.


Assess your use of study strategies. Place a check beside the strategies you have used this week. Do you notice any strategies that you are not yet using that you would like to add to your study plan? Checklist items: Reviewed the Learning Objectives for the current chapter/week, Read the chapter or section on the topic, Created study notes from readings and class lectures, Reviewed my notes using strategies like testing myself, explaining to others, or creating visuals, Reviewed the work I did in class, Completed homework questions, Completed practice exercises, Accessed course resources online (videos, quizzes, practice tests etc.), Met with instructor on areas of confusion and/or met with a tutor, Used a weekly schedule and daily to-do list to organize my time, Completed available practice tests, Created potential exam questions from my notes, Tested myself on my own questions, Met with my study partner(s), Read the assignment questions, Outlined my assignment tasks, Set a daily goal for work on my assignment, Other…
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