Foundations For Success is a revision of University 101: Study, Strategize and Succeed, developed by Kwantlen Polytechnic University, May 2018. The original acknowledgement appears below.

University 101: Study, Strategize and Succeed exists because of the contributions of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Learning Centre team. The source material depends heavily on Learning Aids developed by Alice Macpherson and Christina Page, as well as workshop materials developed by Marti Alger, Laura Aguilera, Kim Tomiak, Adam Vincent, and Lyn Benn. Megan Robertson provided invaluable feedback on the initial drafts of the project.

Rawia Inaim, Emily Tan, Vijaya Jammi and Anmol Mangat contributed to the visual and multimedia content in the book, generously lending their technical expertise.  In addition to his graphic design contributions, Graeme Robinson-Clogg also designed the printable worksheet activities.

The KPU Learning Centre team are focused on student learning, development, and success.  We hope that this project contributes to the academic success of the students were are privileged to support in our work.

This book was made possible through the support of a KPU Open Education Resources Grant.  Many thanks to Rajiv Jhangiani and Caroline Daniels for their support in this project.

Christina Page (Editor and Project Coordinator)

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, May 2018.

Foundations For Success  was created by David M. Capriola as part of the Center for Student Success at the University of the Virgin Islands to be used as a primary learning resource for the Freshman Development Seminar course. The content added in the revision is based on course content derived from 27 years of teaching student success and draws on numerous resources adapted for use in classroom learning.

The revision was sponsored by the Affordable Learning UVI Initiative at the University of the Virgin Islands.

Invaluable assistance was provided by Nicole Hatfield in numerous aspects of coordinating the project to completion.

University of the Virgin Islands, August 2020.

This book is dedicated to every student who works at attaining success in their educational journeys.  Within you resides all you dream to be.


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