Activity: Can you identify the characteristics of ADHD?

Watch these videos. After each video, discuss or write down the characteristics of ADHD that you observe.

After you watch the videos

A quick overview of differences (Rucklidge, 2010):

Compare the table above with the one that you filled in after watching the videos and discuss.

Was there a correlation between your observations and these generalized gender differences?

Additional Challenges for Young Women

Adolescent females with ADHD are more at risk of developing, “major depression, multiple anxiety disorders, Bipolar disorder,… and substance dependence(Rucklidge, 2010, p.359).”

The increased risk for anxiety and depression could be due to the higher ratings of internalising problems in females. Females with the inattentive form of ADHD also showed higher rates of separation anxiety compared to males with the same form. There are perceptions that females are not as challenged compared to males but this is in no way true. Females have actually been found to be as challenged as their male counterparts (Rucklidge, 2010).



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