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This image shows the concept of uncertainty that the business industry has faced throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

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Why we selected this topic

Business is a major part of how almost every country functions in today’s society. If it weren’t for business the likelihood that the device you are reading this very textbook on would exist is very slim. Each and everyone of us interact with businesses in some form or fashion on a daily basis. This interaction is what keeps businesses alive, and fuels them to grow and progress. COVID-19 drastically decreased the interaction between businesses and their customers. This phenomenon has had a major impact on businesses as a whole. This is why we selected the topic.

The topic of business is especially important to me because one of the small businesses in my hometown has been changed for the worse. There is an ice cream store in my hometown, Pink Dipper, that has been in business since the 60’s, and all of my friends and I love it. We would hang out there all of the time and the owners were great people. However, once the pandemic hit they had to close for the duration of the lockdown. A lot of high school students I knew  worked there. They were laid off and in the end the owners didn’t have the capital to keep the store running. They sold their business to someone new and it just isn’t the same anymore.

Why this topic is significant

The impact of COVID-19 on business is extremely significant because businesses are crucial for most societies’ economies to function properly. Business plays a key role in creating technologies and  providing jobs for millions of people in the United States alone. COVID-19 has made a huge impact in many different industries, such as small businesses, grocery stores, and the tourism industry. With most industries having to adjust to new coronavirus regulations, the rate of unemployment across the globe has spiked tremendously. Because of the impact that the virus has had on business, most countries across the globe have entered an economic recession. While a cure to COVID-19  may be on its way, it could be years before business and economy could return to normal.

How our chapters relate to this larger topic

The chapters in this part of the book show the impact of COVID-19 on different types of businesses. Specifically, the chapters explore how small businesses, grocery stores, and the tourism industry have been impacted during the Coronavirus pandemic. A common theme among these businesses is that each type of business had to change course on what they were doing before the pandemic to something different during the pandemic. For small businesses and grocery stores, multiple safety measures had to be implemented for the stores to stay open, which is unlike what happened to the tourism industry. The major change for the tourism industry in many countries was adjusting to a different kind of business, like manufacturing, to help with the economy. The chapters also examine how the people running these businesses and those who worked for them were also greatly affected by COVID-19.


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