This picture relates to our topic because it shows the stadiums having to be empty due to COVID-19 to prevent the spread of the virus. Mass gatherings were limited and prevented to make sure the fans stayed safe.

Empty stadium seats” by Pikrepo is in the Public Domain

Why we selected this topic

We studied this topic because we both have a big interest in sports. When picking our topic we were thinking about all the ways that COVID-19 has strongly impacted it. We have both not been able to play the sports we love because we had to quarantine and social distance from others. We have both met many friends through sports and realize how good sports are for people’s social lives. It has been hard for us because as college students we both love to meet with friends and play sports. We have watched sports on television and seen that the stands are empty. As fans we miss tailgating with friends and family, then attending the game. We realized how hard it is for the fans because they are not able to support their team in the stands. It is just as hard for the athletes because they don’t have fans cheering them on as motivation during the games. After we saw how much COVID-19 was affecting sports we wanted to do more research to find out more. It was interesting for us because we wanted to see all the technological innovations that allowed fans to watch their favorite teams play. We wanted to see how much sports organizations were affected financially from this pandemic and how it has affected athletes around the world.

Why this topic is significant

This topic is significant because sports has had such a big impact on our lives. Sports are a great way for people to socialize and make new friends. As college students, we know that sports are an easy way to introduce yourself to meet more people. Suspension of sports activities caused by COVID-19 is hard for people’s mental health because they can’t play the sports they love. This pandemic has also been hard for athletes and sports organizations around the world. Sports organizations have experienced major financial losses because of cancelations of games or limited to no fans allowed in the stands. Athletes have had salary cuts because of their seasons being cut short. This pandemic has shown the technological innovations in sports. Even though there are no fans in the stands, sports are being live streamed and can be accessed anywhere with data or internet. COVID-19 sports restrictions have been hard, but everyone knows that it is to protect the lives of ourselves as and the people around us.

How our chapters relate to this larger topic

The chapters in this part explain how COVID-19 has affected sports. They explain how this pandemic has impacted athletes, fans, and sports organizations. COVID-19 has prevented athletes from playing the sports they love and socializing with friends, and it has has caused extreme technological innovations in sports. Responding to the pandemic, people are social distancing and preventing mass gatherings to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Even though sports organizations are losing a great deal of money, they are protecting the lives of the fans. This has been a hard time for everyone, but it is all for the right cause and soon everything will be even better than before.


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