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This image is meant to represent new technologies that are being invented and innovated because of COVID-19 and how much of an impact they are having.

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Why we selected this topic

Technology has changed so much because of COVID-19. With having to stay home and self quarantining it has become an even more important part of our society. That is why we chose to do our chapter topics on how COVID-19 has changed technology. People are relying on technology now more than ever before not only to try to stay healthy during the pandemic but also to communicate with their loved ones. The only times some people see their family is when they are talking over a Zoom meeting. Also, the way we use technology in health care has changed so much that patients and health care providers can lower their risk of getting or transmitting the disease. This pandemic is getting people to be innovative and come up with new technological advancements to help others who are really struggling because of COVID-19.  However, not all technological developments during the pandemic are viewed positively by people. Some parents have more of a dependency on technology to keep their children entertained because they are no longer in school. Other people think that tracking measures that other countries use to contain the virus are too invasive and are going too far. We picked this topic because we wanted to see what role technology can play in a world that is truly dependent on it.

Why is this topic is significant

Technology is significant because it has fundamentally changed how we approach pandemics. We can now share information with others around the globe near-instantly with the usage of social media, leading to both positive and negative effects on people’s mental mindsets. Innovations and medical breakthroughs can be coordinated between doctors and researchers around the globe because of technology, dramatically altering how quickly remedies to COVID-19 have been found. However, technology has also opened many avenues for abuse. Leaders struggle to find a reasonable balance between anti-pandemic measures and respecting the individual privacy of citizens. Technology has also caused some students to struggle with handling pandemic related pressures and workloads. It is important to analyze both the positives and negatives of technology.

How our chapters relate to this larger topic

The chapters in this section give in-depth looks into these positives and negatives of technology during the pandemic in the medical industry, the education field, and in our every-day lives. The topics were chosen to represent technology during the Coronavirus and to give a bigger picture to how it is used as well as how it is being changed during these unseen times.  They discuss topics such as the effect of telemedicine on delivering care to patients, the challenges of using technology to create a vaccine for COVID-19, the effect excessive screen time has on young children and teens, and the digital measures like contact tracing that have been taken to try and slow the spread of the virus. These chapters give the audience a general insight to different aspects of technology during the pandemic.  COVID-19 has changed the way our world is operating and technology is the fastest way to keep up as well as keep in touch. Everything is digital which is why technology is more important in the world today than it has ever been.



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