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A note to teachers from Dr. Kelly Falcone

Hello teacher, I am glad you have found this book!  I am hopeful this book will be useful for both you and your students.

Although I have authored/adapted this specific textbook, this is not solely my original work, I have benefitted from brave colleagues who came before me and made the choice to share their work and participate in the world of Open.  This book is truly a shared success and I invite you to contribute to helping keep this book available, accessible, and valuable for all students.

I also invite you to join our Intro to Health Teacher Google Group where you can connect with other teachers who are using this book.  I am hopeful that we can build a community to be able to share the resources we create,  our best practices for teaching health, our most impactful assignments, online course shells, etc.  Together, we can support each other in helping our students engage with the world of health and wellness in meaningful and relevant ways.

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I truly hope this textbook and the associated resources are helpful for you and your students.


Dr. Kelly Falcone

Palomar College

San Marcos, CA


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