Textbook Updates

Since this is an Open Educational Resource, it can be updated anytime without waiting on a publishers new version.

The book will continually be updated to fix any spelling, grammar, punctuation issues, broken links, or formatting challenges.

Content may be updated or changed to improve the textbook readability and ensure it includes information important for personal health and well-being.

All updates/changes will documented on this page.

If you have suggestions for improvements to the book please submit them using the Feedback Form for Intro to Health OER Textbook

Table:  Recorded updates to the Introduction to Health OER Textbook
Date Description of Update or Change
7/25/22 Updates included fixing spelling/grammar errors, formatting, and a few contextual updates.  Thank you Michael Mendrin for your feedback!
8/18/22 Chapter 7 error fixed to show 7 cal/gr for alcohol.  Thank you, Crystal, for the catch!
9/2/22 “Chapter 9 Continued learning”- Added two additional videos and removed one video that was not playing correctly


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