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Human Being

A carbon-oxygen machine that operates at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Isolation Tank

A device invented by John C. Lilly which attenuates or eliminates the influence of gravity, light, sound, and skin temperature on a Human Being. Variously known as the floatation tank or sensory deprivation tank.

Gnostic Viewpoint

Self transcendence as opposed to transcendence through a church or a group.

The Single Ritual

The Single Ritual in ITG is floating in the Isolation Tank for 8 weeks guided by the Gnostic Viewpoint. I.e., absolutely minimal interaction with the Abba or any other life form, communication, sound, image, etc. The first documented case of enlightenment achieved in this way was by Harry Palmer.

The Single Doctrine

The Single Doctrine of ITG is “come and see for yourself.” Theravada Buddhists use the Pali term”ehipassiko” to describe this idea.

Isolation Tank Gnosis

A 501(c)(3) religious organization characterized by The Single Ritual and The Single Doctrine.

Gnostic Isolation Temple

A facility offered in whole or part for the practice of Isolation Tank Gnosis.


The room in the Gnostic Isolation Temple housing the Isolation Tank. Example: Your house could be a Gnostic Isolation Temple. The basement in your house might serve as the Adytum.


A Human Being who comes to a Gnostic Isolation Temple for The Single Ritual.


The owner/operator of a Gnostic Isolation Temple. The operator is in agreement with the practice and service ethics of Isolation Tank Gnosis. Agreement with the theory of Isolation Tank Gnosis is not required. She is a servant of the Recluse.



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