13 Sex, Drugs and Epsom Salt

Sex, drugs, and floating work perfectly fine without any religious teachings, don’t they?!

Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic Meditation is the central practice of OneTaste, a for-profit spiritual business. [1] The practice offers countless value. It is ranked in the top 20 best educational systems by Inc Magazine. As number 893 of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies, it is providing a new stream of revenue for many people with a strong interest in earning an income in the sex industry. Above and beyond all of this, however, is the minimalist zen-like approach to sex as meditation. Instead of sex toys and stimulants, the system forces you to develop your ability to feel and sense at increasingly deeper levels than you thought possible.

The feeling-sense that grows over time is typically innate to women and foreign to men. It carries over into conversation, where men (or the masculine force, if you prefer) focus on facts and figures while women (or the feminine force) is more interested in the feeling behind the words. It also heals women of deep sexual trauma and heightens their ability to be orgasmic — turned on in and out of bed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Women who have been diagnosed with permanent inability to orgasm have found their climax through this practice. Men who felt inadequate in bed enjoy 6-hour long sex sessions with ease. The success stories of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) are countless.

Temple of the True Inner Light

The Temple of the True Inner Light (TTIL) is a unique organization in the psychedelic space. While most psychonauts are happy to see peyote, marijuana, etc. as vehicles to higher consciousness, the Temple adopts a strongly different perspective:

The Psychedelic is the Creator. It is alive and a being of light.

Their perspective is not without historical documentation. The ancient Aztecs referred to their psychedelic mushrooms as “The Flesh of God”. Note well: the mushroom ITSELF was in fact the flesh of god, not a vehicle to god, etc.

So consuming the psychedelic is called “Communion” and they put the message they receive from the Creator into action. They have healed many people of drug addiction via nutrition. But more importantly complete skeptics of their psychedelic-powered form of Christianity have recanted their views when partaking of their sacrament: complete atheists have witness Jesus the christ manifest and talk to them during Communion.

And now for something totally uncalled for… Isolation Tank Gnosis!

Isolation Tank Gnosis is to floatation tanks what Orgasmic Meditation is to sex and the Temple of the True Inner Light is to psychedelics. In the sense that it provides a strict series of processes around a process that apparently does not need it. Now, there are many ways to justify the origin of Isolation Tank Gnosis. The history section gave a temporal justification and a legal justification. In this section, we show how the basic function of the Isolation Tank complements a wide variety of world religions and spiritual practices.

Self-Realization in Advaita Vedanta

Thus spake Robert Adams:

I can only speak from my own experience. There’s no difference, to me, in the waking state, the dreaming state, the sleeping state, or the vision state. They’re all the same.
I’m aware of all of them, but I am not them. I observe them. I see them happening. As a matter of fact, sometimes I can not tell the difference.

Sometimes I don’t know whether I’m dreaming, or awake, or having a vision, or I’m asleep. It’s all the same, because I take a step backward, and I watch myself going through all these things.



  1. If OneTaste had been a not-for-profit cooperative, they would have ushered in a new hippy movement and free love would've swept the earth. IMHO. But because they tried to turn their practitioners into a paycheck, it fell apart.


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