7 Prospective recluses

The key idea in dealing with the public is “come and see for yourself”. Your goal is to be the messenger, not the message. Let the tank do the talking about how well it works. Keep the focus on inviting them to try it for themselves. If they want to know more about this organization, encourage them to visit the official website, read this book or read Harry Palmer’s book. If something is not answered by those resources, then we should focus on improving those resources. We want our resources to work hard for us, so we don’t have to work so hard. Furthermore, we can be certain of providing a consistent message to the public if we rely on our official resources.


All forms of outreach in ITG follow the maxim “Where there is push and shove, there is no love.” We do not proselytize. Heck, most of us can’t eve spell that word.

The primary form of outreach for ITG will be by offering ourselves as a float center. When a prospective recluse calls and asks for rates, we state an hourly rate and also inform them that we offer daily and weekly rates for those interested in continuous floating for extended periods of time.



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