9 Vows of the Abba

Please recite the following in the presence of the existing Abbas:

  1. I have practiced the Harry Palmer intensive and was pleased with it.
  2. I thoroughly love the idea of hands-off enlightenment and want to offer it to others. I find Part I of this book to be a useful set of tools for this purpose.
  3. I am agreement with the practice and service ethics of Isolation Tank Gnosis (Part II). The Recluse shall come and see for herself and is free to depart in silence. Any communication with the Recluse will occur because the Recluse initiated it.
  4. In my role as an Abba on behalf of Isolation Tank Gnosis, my guiding dogma is: “come and see for yourself.” Therefore, in my dealings with the general public and with Recluses on behalf of ITG, I SOLEMNLY vow that my preprogram is not to preprogram others: not with my experiences. Not with my teachings. Not with anyone else’s experiences. Not with anyone else’s teachings. No form of suggestion to the recluse other than to exercise The Single Doctrine (come and see for yourself) via The Single Ritual (get in the tank and dont leave except for kitchen and bathroom breaks).
  5. The theory of Isolation Tank Gnosis (Part III) is irrelevant to the spiritual freedom or me or anyone else. I’m under no obligation to agree with any of it.


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