5 Prosperity, Money and Dues

The driving goal of this chapter is to impress upon the reader the concept of prosperity and relate it to the workings of a God, should there be one. Let’s first assume that there was some creative force that brought this universe into existence and let’s call it The Big Bang. [Footnote: note well the previous sentence said assume. Once you read the theory section, you will encounter a different presumption about the creative force that brought this universe into existence and this “force” is nothing other than You in the Deep Sleep of Utter Nothingness… [Footnote about the footnote: assumptions get humanity into a lot of entanglement. Group A assumes thought A and Group B assumes thought B. Then both groups put demonic amounts of force into protecting their presumptions from any evidence that might dash their presumption to bits]] From that one big bang, this entire universe came into being and continues forward to this day (using the false presumption of linear time). Let’s read that again: from that one big bang, this entire universe came into being and continues forward to this day.

So why is that so important? Well, what it tells us is something very important about the workings of God: she does something one time and reaps the benefits forever. So we can conclude that a Godly act is one that plants a single seed for a single forest to grow. Or that breaks one piece of bread and feeds a whole multitude. Or creates a single Tower of Babel and creates all the languages for people to speak.

Now moving from the religious to the secular realm, we still want to keep our focus on the idea that a Godly act involves moving once to create infinite effect.

I will now describe a few ways of creating income. Perhaps you can decide which ones are Godly and which ones are ungodly. Let’s presume that we are taking a look at the people involved in the production of a theater play.

  1. Person A takes a role as an actor in the play.
  2. Person S is the screenwriter of the play.
  3. Person I invested in putting on the play.

Now, let’s ask ourselves, which of these people can do something one time and create infinite effect? The answer is: it’s a trick question! They all can. How is this possible?

By one way of looking at things, Person A would only be able to earn income when they are acting. So it would seem that you could say: “Person A has to keep acting to attract income. Like any employee, they only earn money when they are trading hours for dollars.” And indeed if you study Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow quadrant, that would be your analysis. But what if this person were born to act? What if their performance was so gripping that it was played for years and years after that and they collected tons of royalties for decades?

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” – this classic acting is still a masterpiece to this day.

So even though a cold critical analysis of acting would lead one to think that it was a form of employment, it turns out that a single act can lead to infinite benefits. So acting can in fact be a Godly act.

Now screenwriting is clearly a Godly act. You write the play one time and then collect royalties every time the play is performed all over the world forever.

And finally, we can look at a person who lets his money work hard for him – an investor. They put a certain amount of money into the production of a play and then kick back and let the dollars roll in as the customers pay to come see it.

So the Godly way to produce income is to be prosperous – to plant a seed of such value that it produces an ever-increasing forest of income.

Taking this into Isolation Tank Gnosis, we are offering something of infinite value: spiritual enlightenment. To quote John-Roger:

You can’t pay for spiritual things; you don’t have enough money. You are paying for material things. The Soul Awareness Discourses, MSIA tapes and books, etc., are physical things dealing with spiritual subjects. They only become spiritual when you get that information from them that spiritualizes you. The people who print our books and Discourses, the people we buy the blank tapes from–they are not giving these things to us for free. We have to pay for them. You can’t possibly buy the information in them, but it’s yours to use. It’s free to you because I give it to you freely.

So the vision of ITG is also to plant a seed once and to create an infinite reverberation of income. And we do so using something called…

The Power of a Penny Doubled

Let’s assume you had a magic box that could take any penny you gave it and give you back two. And let’s say that you started with ONE PENNY and made use of your magic box once per day for 28 days. Well on day 1 you would have 1 penny. One day 2, you would have two more. On day 3, you would have 4 more. Now… how much money would you have on day 21 if you kept this up? More than 10 thousand dollars (1 million pennies). That’s right. This very simple act of starting with a small thing of value and doubling it is a way to create huge sums of money from a very small sum of money in a very short time.

The goal of servant in ITG is to find and train two servants and impress upon them the goal of each finding two. Why? Because the same doubling power we saw in the penny is the same power we can use to produce an ever-growing number of ITG servants. If it took you 1 year to locate two servants and those two servants also managed to do the same within another year, then after two years an organization starting with one person now has 6 additional servants. If this process continues for 21 years, then there are now over 1 million servants of ITG starting with just 1! Wouldn’t that be a nice gift for your deathbed: to know that you were the source of 1 million proponents of your religion. On the other hand, if you couldn’t locate two servants within 1 year then just make sure to get it done in 1 lifetime. As long as these servants are also focused on doubling the people with the same intent, then it takes 21 lifetimes to complete the process.

So the goal is to have millions of servants but your own personal goal as a servant it just to find two and teach two to reach two who then continue this process. Read “The 45 Second Presentation that Will Change Your Life” for details.

Annual Dues

What better New Year’s gift could there be than a small donation from the entire chain of servants you were responsible for seeding! What greater joy could there be than saying thank you year after year by sending a small donation to the chain of servants who preceded you? Don’t answer that.

Anyway, a few particulars. Isolation Tank Gnosis makes use of the Law of Time calendar instead of the Gregorian/Julian calendar widely accepted in the Western World. New Year in the Law of Time calendar occurs on July 26th of every year. And the amount to send each preceding servants? Oh any amount will do. And here is the tree of servants to date.

Swami Anand begat Harry Palmer begat Terrence Brannon.

Make all payments to Harry Palmer and Swami Ananda c/o Terrence Brannon and I will coordinate the chain letter of cash blessings. You can count on that.



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