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A servant is someone who has received so much benefit from the Ritual of the Recluse that they are interested in offering this service to others. A servant of Isolation Tank Gnosis has met the following requirements:

  1. You have performed 1/8th of a Harry Palmer Intensive (7 days of continuous floating) and you are satisfied with the results. I don’t need to hear about your results or apply any of my standards to you. I just want to know that you did it and are interested in others having access to such services through you.
  2. You vow to leave the Recluse completely alone for the entirety of their Intensive. You review “Part I: Practice” in this text with the person, then remove yourself from their presence forever. Any further contact between you and the Recluse will be because they initiated it. You agree that any attempts to control (start, stop or manipulate) the experience of the aspirant via overt or subtle means is grounds for probation or excommunication.
  3. You agree to attend regular meetings and pay annual dues to the chain of evangelists preceding you.
  4. You agree that all evangelism of ITG follows the maxim: “where there’s push and shove there is no love.” Practically speaking, this means that you mainly use non-intrusive forms of advertising such as newspaper ads, clothing, wellness fairs, and stickers and avoid aggressive proselytizing.


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