In the world of education, technology and media are often mistakenly viewed as being one and the same. However, instructional designers understand the two are different and will benefit from useful tips on the selection of instructional media. The following sections in this chapter will discuss these differences between technology and media and offer tips on selecting and recommending instructional media while keeping in mind the importance of aligning media selection with the designated instructional goals of the course. When selecting media, it is always  important to remember the entrance (prerequisite) skills of the student as well as the technological skills of the instructor and to determine whether you will need to incorporate instructions on the use of the selected media within the course to assist the learner in the use of the chosen media or to develop an instructor media guide to assist the instructor in the use of the media. Will students be able to navigate the instructional media effectively and efficiently?  Will the instructor be able to assist their students in how to navigate the instructional media? Applying a learnercentric perspective as you evaluate & select instructional media will bring greater success in the student learning outcomes.

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