We would like to acknowledge the leadership and support we have received from Dr. Glynn Cavin, Associate Vice Chancellor, TROY University, TROY Online, and, Dr. Deborah Fortune, Director, Center for Excellence in eTeaching, TROY University, TROY Online.  Without their support, encouragement, and vision, this project would not have been possible.

We would also like to acknowledge the administrators and faculty in the TROY University College of Education for the opportunity and trust they have placed in us to create, develop, and complete this Open resource text.  We are humbled by their willingness to blaze the trail for our university and open the doors for the creation of Open textbooks at the Alabama Open Publishing House at Troy University. Your support of OER for our university has been unfailing and we cannot express enough our appreciation to you.

We would be remiss in not recognizing our families for their support, love and encouragement during these last few months as we worked tirelessly on this project. We could not do life without you.




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