Unit Three - OMS Procedures

The extraction of teeth is the most common procedure in OMS. Indication for tooth extraction include tooth decay, periodontal disease, over-crowding (orthodontics), oral oncology, and trauma to the teeth and jaws.

Extractions require the Aseptic Technique protocols, and are performed with or without IV sedation.


• OMS Tray (includes upper and lower universal forceps)
• Irrigation and Suction Tray
• Indicated Forcep:








Bird Beak






Handpiece, 703, and Round Bur (add 702 Bur)







Pott’s Elevators






Root Tip Elevators




Barriers (light handle, etc)
Patient Drape
Scalpel Blade
Suction Tubing

Yankauer Suction




Preoperative Considerations:
• Follow written Pre Op Instructions.
 Check if a denture will be placed following extraction: ensure that denturist or dentist has coordinated fabrication.

Intraoperative Considerations:
Socket or ridge preservation often occurs at time of extraction in preparation for a future implant: ensure that grafting materials are in the operatory.
Excessive bleeding during extraction may require the use of cauterization. Ensure that the cautery unit is at hand.
Effective assisting is required: do not desiccate socket with suction and be mindful of the inferior alveolar nerve (during lower third molar extraction).

Postoperative Considerations:
• Follow written  Post Op Instructions, BUT advise patient not to rinse if grafting has been placed following extraction.

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