3.2 Orthodontic Interventions

Orthodontic interventions are surgeries designed to assist in orthodontic treatment (correction of malocclusions).


  • Bollard Plates – titanium plates that are temporarily screwed into the jaw. They provide anchorage for orthodontic movement.
  • Exposures – surgical uncovering of a tooth in preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • Frenectomy – removal of tissue that prevents the normal position of teeth, tongue, (or prosthetic)
  • Luxate – surgical dislocation or displacement of a tooth from the alveolus to assist in eruption
  • Transplant – surgical removal of a tooth from one location to another

Orthodontic Intervention procedures require the Aseptic Technique protocols with the exception of Bollard Plates (this procedure requires Sterile Technique). Orthodontic interventions and are usually performed under Sedation.


• REMOVE FORCEPS from Surgical Tray

Barriers (light handle, etc)
Patient Drape
Scalpel Blade
Suction Tubing
Yankauer Suction

Procedure Specific Equipment:


  • Bollard Plates:
    – screwdrivers (2)
    – plates and screws


  • Exposure:

    – cautery (cut)
    – etch, bond, orthodontic cement, bracket, light, silk suture
    – periodontal dressing


  • Frenectomy
    – hemostat x 2
  • Transplant
    – silk  suture

Preoperative Considerations:

 Follow written Pre Op Instructions (sedation).

Intraoperative Considerations:
 Ensure that a bowl with sterile saline is available for transplanted tooth.
Excessive bleeding during procedure may require the use of cauterization. Ensure that the cautery unit is at hand.
A little bleeding is okay; never dessicate the surgical site with your suction!

Postoperative Considerations:
• Follow written Post Op Oral Surgery instructions.

Follow written Post Op Exposure instructions (if applicable).

Advise the patient to schedule a follow up visit following exposure to remove periodontal dressing, or following transplant to remove silk suture.


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