Unit One – Perioperative Care

Learning Outcomes

Identify and perform the duties of a CDA during the 3 phases of the perioperative period as a member of the Surgical Team


The goal of perioperative care is to provide safe and quality patient care before, during, and after surgery


Perioperative care refers to the 3 phases of a surgical procedure:

preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative

Preoperative: phase between the decision to have surgery and the beginning of the surgical procedure.

Intraoperative: phase between admission to the OR and transfer to recovery.

Postoperative: phase between patient’s transfer from the OR and discharge from recovery.


The Surgical Team

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon: consult and diagnose patient, prepare treatment plan, perform surgery
Registered Nurses: review health history, administer anesthesia and pain management medications, recover and discharge patient
CDA’s: review treatment plan and health history, set-up operatory, prepare patient for surgery, maintain chain of asepsis or sterilty, assist in surgery, recover and discharge patient, process equipment (sterilization)



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