Unit One – Perioperative Care

Learning Outcomes

Identify and perform the duties of a CDA during the 3 phases of the perioperative period as a member of the Surgical Team


The goal of perioperative care is to provide safe and quality patient care before, during, and after surgery


Perioperative care refers to the 3 phases of a surgical procedure:

preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative

Preoperative: phase between the decision to have surgery and the beginning of the surgical procedure.

Intraoperative: phase between admission to the OR and transfer to recovery.

Postoperative: phase between patient’s transfer from the OR and discharge from recovery.


The Surgical Team

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons consult and diagnose patient, prepare treatment plan, perform surgery.
Registered Nurses review health history, administer anesthesia and pain management medications, recover and discharge patient.
CDAs: review treatment plan and health history, set-up operatory, prepare patient for surgery, maintain chain of asepsis or sterilty, assist in surgery, recover and discharge patient, process equipment (sterilization).

Perioperative Checklist for the Surgical TeamSEDATION

Perioperative Checklist for the Dental Surgical Team




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