Unit 3 - OMS Procedures

Oral pathologies are abnormal oral structures. Biopsy involves the removal and examination of these abnormal oral structures.

Biopsy requires  Aseptic Technique protocols, and are performed with or without IV sedation


  • Cysts and Periapical Lesions
  • Soft Tissue Lesions


• OMS Tray (remove tooth elevators and forceps)
• Irrigation and Suction Tray
• Specimen container and Labels
• Lab Requisition Form

Tray with Specimen Container
Cautery ‘On-Hand’

Barriers (light handle, etc)
Patient Drape
Scalpel Blade
Suction Tubing

Yankauer Suction




Preoperative Considerations:
• Follow written Pre Op Instructions.
 Ensure that patient name, date of birth and PHN are correct on labels and requisition form: to prevent a delay in the processing of specimens.

Intraoperative Considerations:
Excessive bleeding during procedure may require the use of cauterization. Ensure that the cautery unit is at hand.
Effective assisting is required: do not desiccate the site with suction and be CAREFUL NOT TO SUCTION SPECIMEN!

Postoperative Considerations:
• Follow written  Post Op Instructions.

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