10-Oct-41 Born in Bori, Ogoni
1958 Shell starts oil production in the Niger Delta
1961 Graduates from secondary school, Umuahia (SE Nigeria)
1962 – 65 BA (English) at University of Ibadan (SW Nigeria)
1964 First plays performed
1965 – 67 Teaches in Port Harcourt, Umuahia and Nsukka (SE Nigeria)
1967 Republic of Biafra declares independence; KSW moves to Lagos
1967 Administrator of Bonny Province (Rivers State) after Nigerian reconquest; Interim Advisory Council for Rivers State
1967 – 73 Teaching at University of Lagos
1968 – 73 Rivers State commissioner and member of Executive Council
1970 Nigerian Civil War (Biafran War) ends
1970 Ogoni chiefs petition against Shell-BP operations
1972 – 3 Commissioner for Ministry of Information and Home Affairs; removed for supporting Ogoni autonomy
1973 First two books (Tambari and Tambari in Dukana) published
1973 Sets up Saros International Limited
1985 Sets up Saros International Publishers
1985 – 90 Writes and produces Basi and Company
1986 Sozaboy published
1987 – 92 Accepts government appointments during supposed transition to democracy
1989 – 93 President of Ogoni Central Union
1989 On a Darkling Plain published
1990 MOSOP present Ogoni Bill of Rights
1990 – 93 President of Association of Nigerian Authors
1992 – 93 Repeated arrests
1993 – 95 President of Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People
1993 – 95 Vice-chair of Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization
04-Jan-93 First Ogoni Day mobilises up to 60% of all Ogoni
1993 Military occupation of Ogoni
12-Jun-93 General elections; annulled by General Babangida
21-Jun-93 Arrested and detained until 22nd July; this is the period chronicled in A Month and A Day
1994 Awarded Right Livelihood Award and Fonlon-Nichols Prize
22-May-94 Arrested on trumped-up charges of involvement in death of 4 Ogoni leaders
1995 Awarded Goldman Environmental Prize
10-Nov-95 Executed with eight others following military-appointed tribunal
1996 Nominated posthumously for Nobel Peace Prize
1998 Death of General Abacha
1999 Return to civilian rule in Nigeria
2009 Shell settles out of court for $15.5 million on lawsuit brought by relatives of the “Ogoni Nine”


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