You have raped my land
Black brother, silenced my song
Upon my wholesome breath—
Condemned to a gas dungeon
I suffocate, shriek in pain
Into cold, stone-stuffed ears.
Your fingers drip with my blood
Staining your nails black and crude.
Vampire, tyrant, rapist
Black brother of the same womb
But cruel as the flares that burn
Poisonous gases into our skies.

I lie manacled in chain
In caves of your callous care
But the day will come when I will
break your hard bones
With my claws tear your brain
Consume you in wrathful fires
To the wild winds expose you
Paint the cruel marks of your sin
On the walls of history.

Then shall I, triumphant
Return to our hapless mother
With bright bouquets of peace.


Silence Would Be Treason Copyright © 2018 by Íde Corley; Helen Fallon; and Laurence Cox. All Rights Reserved.

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