Sis M,

Just a quick note to say I’ve got your diary of 7th Feb—45 days late! But it’s brought joy to my heart, as usual. I’ve read it twice now. Sent me back to the short story “The Resurrection” —not one of my best; I wonder what you find in it. My brother was at St. Patrick’s Day in Lagos and found time to speak with a number of ambassadors, he tells me. The French Ambassador is reading Darkling Plain. I’m trying to perfect my first Detention Diary A Month and a Day and I’ve completed the corrections on my latest short story collection A Kind of Festival and Other Stories. I think this collection my best so far. I’ll be sending both to Junior Ken & asking him to see if he can get a publisher in the U.K. My newly-acquired fame might just help.

Did I mention the Goldman Environmental Prize in my earlier letter? The Hunger Project[1] wrote me about this year’s prize. Could you nomi­nate me again? My particulars are already on file. All they need is a letter before May 15 re-nominating me. Thanks.

Keep smiling. God loves you.


  1. A global non-profit organization which works to promote the sustainable end of world hunger. See <>.


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