Welcome to the Ongoing Process of Accessibility!

Accessibility is an ongoing process of identifying and responding to barriers, supporting student learning and growth, and discovering and delighting in new ways to teach that keep us enthused and engaged as educators.

Although the narrative of this resource concludes here, the material you have reviewed will be available at any time. We encourage you to return when seeking inspiration, reassurance, recommendations, or further examples.

Thank you for your commitments to innovative and excellent teaching. We are excited to work with educators like you from across McMaster University with this important project of moving Accessible Education forward, and invite you to get in touch with us to share best practices for accessibility you’re developing and delivering in your own teaching context.

As affirmed by President Patrick Deane in his filmed introduction to this resource, “There are many areas within our individual realms of influence where we can each make a significant impact. …Please know that your contribution is essential. There is no way that we can do this without you.”

Thanks again, and good luck!

The Accessibility in Teaching and Learning Team


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