Accessible Education principles are adaptable for all stages of teaching and learning work. They can be incorporated during preparation and planning for a course, while a course is in session, and when reflecting on a finished course and revising it for the future.

WHEN can I apply Accessible Education principles?
Throughout the life of the course: in advance, during, after

Circle diagram explaining when to apply Accessible Education principles: throughout and the cyclical process of course design influencing delivery and assessment influencing feedback and reaction which in turn impacts course design.

Starting with this module and continuing through Modules 5 and 6, we will be working our way through the temporal nature of a course and applying Accessible Education principles along the way.

Course Design Module 4: Course Design
Course Delivery & Assessment Module 5: Student Engagement
Module 6: Assessment
Feedback & Reflection
  • Module 6: Section on feedback
  • Self-reflection prompts throughout
  • Module 7: Conclusion



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