Forward with FLEXibility: A Teaching and Learning Resource on Accessibility and Inclusion

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This resource has been developed by the Accessibility in Teaching and Learning Team at McMaster University’s Paul R. MacPherson Institute for Leadership, Innovation, and Excellence in Teaching.

Over the next several pages of this introduction, we will:

  • Invite you and all other educators to join us in advancing Accessible Education at McMaster;
  • Overview of the context that led to the creation of this FLEX Forward resource;
  • Explain what the resource is about: Accessible Education;
  • Describe what we hope the resource will help us accomplish on campus, and how Accessible Education can benefit both teachers and learners;
  • Outline how the resource has been designed and structured and how it can be navigated and used;
  • Welcome you to the fun of innovative, engaging, and equitable teaching!

We invite you to get started by watching this video introduction to the FLEX Forward resource.


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