We’re all invited and responsible for facilitating Accessible Education!

This resource invites all campus community members who participate in teaching activities on each of McMaster’s campuses and off-site field education locations to enhance the accessibility of our pedagogical practices.

This includes staff who develop or deliver educational content, facilitate educational processes, and/or participate in educational supervisory, support, or peer relationships, such as:

  • professors and sessional instructors
  • teaching assistants, tutors, and tutorial leaders
  • lab and course coordinators
  • educational developers and instructional designers
  • practicum/co-op, thesis, and graduate supervisors
  • continuing education instructors
  • learning strategists and writing coaches, and
  • teachers of English as an additional language.

While this resource is mainly focused on course design and delivery and the assessment of learning, the principles, recommendations, and examples reviewed here also apply to lesson planning, tutorial and lab instruction, training development, workshop facilitation, and other educational roles where information is conveyed.

We encourage you to adapt these principles to suit your own teaching and learning contexts, such as the planning of meetings, events, and conferences; support and supervision of students, staff, and colleagues; and other areas.


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