Module 4. Our Story: African Americans


African Americans are an integral part of U.S. history, despite being enslaved, discriminated, abused, and disregarded for so long. They came to this country by use of force, and with their agricultural labor, built up American wealth and institutions. Despite the constraints of chains and physical abuse, they fought for their freedom and helped rebirth the nation with new ideas of liberty and democracy. However, again being suppressed and segregated in the 20th century, Black communities arose again to lead civil rights movements of the 1960s to redefine freedom once again. Now in the modern era, the fight for equity continues as racial minoritized groups continuously call out and dismantle systems of oppression, pushing for American progress.


  1. How did the trans-Atlantic slave system contribute to the development of colonial America?
  2. How and why did Virginia shift from indentured servitude to slavery?
  3. What reasons did 19th century slave owners use to justify the use of Black slave labor?
  4. Why did Reconstruction end, and what effect did it have on free Black communities?
  5. What are Jim Crow laws? Why were they adopted in many southern states?
  6. Explain key events and figures of the civil rights movement. How did the movement develop?


From the module, what information and new knowledge did I find interesting or useful? How do I plan to use this information and new knowledge in my personal and professional development and improvement?


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