Module 7. Our Divisions


In Module 7, we examined socio-cultural hierarchies and power in the United States. We learned the dominating cultural group sets the standard for living and governs resources. Next, we explored the causes and types of prejudice. You were asked to recognize and think about your implicit bias. We also discovered the origins and promotion of Eurocentric thinking and behavior as a mechanism to promote racial-ethnic group dominance of Whites. And lastly, we considered how racism is projected by people in different forms including racial prejudice, ideological racism, scientific racism, individual discrimination, and institutional discrimination.


  1. Discuss how culture influences social power and hierarchies in the United States.
  2. Explain how cultural hegemony affects race and ethnic relations.
  3. Analyze the causes and types of prejudice in society. Include your understanding or interpretation about why prejudice exists.
  4. Assess the possible motivations behind racist ideologies.
  5. Examine how racist ideas make it possible to maintain racist policies.


From the module, what information and new knowledge did I find interesting or useful? How do I plan to use this information and new knowledge in my personal and professional development and improvement?


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