Module 5. Our Story: Asian Americans


Like previously covered groups, people of Asian descent have been present in the Americas since the 16th century. Peoples from Asia have typically been regarded as perpetually foreign, admired for their exoticism, but devalued as too otherworldly. Asians have struggled to be accepted amongst American society, despite their contributions of labor, military service, and wealth. Even when utilizing the justice system to assert their civil rights, Asians were met with opposition and oppression. Regardless of their rejection, Asian Americans forged a place for themselves in American society, growing in number and influence as one of the most diverse and fast-growing groups in the U.S. today.


  1. How did people of Asian descent make their way to the Americas during the colonial period?
  2. How were Asians generally received during the 1800s?
  3. Explain some of the ways Asians attempted to assimilate into American society?
  4. What political policies of the 20th century impact Asian Americans?
  5. What kinds of racial discrimination did Asian Americans endure after WWII?
  6. How did Asian Americans assert their civil rights during the 1960s and 70s?


From the module, what information and new knowledge did I find interesting or useful? How do I plan to use this information and new knowledge in my personal and professional development and improvement?


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