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City of Truth, James Morrow

James Morrow is a writer after my own heart. In City of Truth, he takes an audacious idea–what if everyone always told the truth?–and uses it to show that there’s something much deeper. We learn that while truth is beautiful, it can also be incredibly ugly. And that, while lies are despicable, they also have a place. And while we learn these things, we also get to laugh at some great imagination, as what would advertising be like if it had to be truthful (I especially enjoyed the “new” Surgeon General’s warning on a pack of Canceroulettes, not to mention Camp Ditch-the-Kids). Morrow’s got a way with this; his Full Spectrum 3 story, “Daughter Earth,” contained many of the same elements: a light, humorous tone encasing a serious, yet not dull, meaning.

Thanks to A.T. Campbell for recommending this.

[Finished 15 September 1993]


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