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Putting on the Ritz, Joe Keenan

Even better than his first book, Blue Heaven, Keenan’s humorous take on gays and New York is entertainment of the first rank. Anyone who can do analogies to George Gershwin, Philip Glass and Charlotte Corday has lots going for him in my book. This time Philip Cavanaugh gets roped in by Gilbert Selwyn into an on-going feud between rival millionaire publishing magnates. Philip knows better than to get involved in another of Gilbert’s schemes, but gets trapped by love–the initiator of the plot is this beautiful man named Tommy Parker who Philip falls madly for. Of course, Claire gets involved as well (without knowing Gilbert’s involvement or the actual scheme) and the books is an exciting ride to the last page.

My only disappointment is that, as far as I know, Keenan hasn’t written any other books. Someone hurry up and give that man a contract!

[Finished 12 September 1993]


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