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Last Chance to See, Douglas Adams and Mark Cawardine

This is the latest book from Jill’s library. A travel book written by that master of modern British understatement, Mr. Have-PowerBook-Will-Travel Douglas Adams. I, along with a large number of people, idolize Adams’ sendup of everything science-fictional in the Hitchhiker’s Guide books, but have been disappointed by the gradual falling off of quality in those books as well as the poor showing of the Dirk Gently novels. Have no fear when you approach this book, though, because Adams is in his best form here. If anything, this book is much too short.

Adams approaches travelling somewhere in between Tim Cahill and Redmond O’Hanlon. Last Chance to See┬áis a collection of essays on endangered species that Adams and photographer/travel-arranger Carwardine attempt to see. From the chicken- and goat-loving komodo dragons, to the reclusive kakapo bird in New Zealand, Adams has just the right amount of natural history plopped in along with his delicious brand of irony for this book to be educational as well as fun.

Not to get into the environmentalist spiel, but this is also a good book for your favorite logger or logger-minded friend. Maybe if Adams covers the spotted owl next, we can laugh at that bit of sadness as well.

[Finished 2 April 1994]


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