Stuck in a 5-hour car ride is one of my better reasons for reading a book. I find it impossible to write in a moving car, but, unless the vehicle is on a twisty mountain road, I usually can read. Since I’m in the midst of writing my own novel, I’ve been mostly avoiding reading other people’s novels. I have a tendency to mimic, and some writers have styles that would lend themselves to copying. Instead, I’m reading writer’s guides on the chance that some word of advice might come in handy if I run into trouble with my writing. Vogler’s book was pleasant enough reading, but nothing stuck with me. His approach is a bit too lofty for my current workmanlike focus of the moment. I might return to this book at a later date and reread when the writing I’m working on is more in the ideation phase rather than the implementation.

[Finished 24 February 2018]


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