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A Traveler’s Guide to the Galapagos Islands, Barry Boyce, Galapagos Travel, 1994, ISBN 1-55650-640-6, $16.95, 241pp.

Written by the owner of the tour company we decided to go with to the Galapagos, I had ordered of copy of this from an Internet bookstore, only to find that we were to receive a free copy with our trip deposit. The extra went to Jill’s mom, who travels vicariously with us when she and Bob aren’t gallivanting about on their own. If you can only get one book for your trip to the Galapagos, this is the most comprehensive, covering booking a tour; the history, geology, botany, zoology of the islands; and photographing flora, fauna and landscape, all written in a light, humorous style. Other guide books go into farther detail on some items, but this is the best one-stop shop.

[Finished March 1997]


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