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Wired, V. 1 N. 2

Okay, I missed the first issue. If somebody’s got it, I’d like to have it. If somebody knows where to get one, please get one for me. I like this magazine. Sure, it’s almost too hip for words. It definitely is too hip in its layout (I’m hoping for the ascendancy of common sense in that direction). One of the articles here talks about Internet, and how it is removing the need for publishers and editors as people learn to grab the information themselves. I believe just the opposite. Internet is a prime example of why there are publishers and editors, and a magazine such as Wired. In an information society, instead of access to information, the problem is selecting that information, or at least presentation of the information in a way that makes it digestible. This is where a magazine such as Wired comes in. Everything in this issue was probably discussed ad nauseam on some Internet newsgroup, but I don’t have the time to search out and read the myriad posts, nor the patience. Instead, I’ll buy Wired, and if I decide that there’s a subject that I want to express an opinion in, and receive a response, then I’ll find the appropriate discussion group.

[Finished 13 June 1993]


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